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Jazz/Rock/Psychedelic Amalgam from Mannheim, Germany

Johannes Stange - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Valvetrombone

Jo Ambros - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass

Jörg Teichert - Guitar, Bass, Mandoline, Banjo

Konrad Hinsken - Fender Rhodes, Synths

Matthias Debus - Doublebass

Christian Huber - Drums, Percussion

And all of the above also like to sing on our recordings;-)

Rock and jazz, improvisation and groove, reflection and absent-mindedness, dance and trance. Anything goes in music where sense and reason unite in a particularly joyful way. Brimming with substance, escalations and reveries the Mannheim-based sextet 'Black Project' confidently dares to navigate the cliffs of fusion jazz and redefines jazz rock. Their sound is clearly band music, the product of a collective whose artists do not feel the need to let their individual skills or their ego triumph over their joint creation’s expressiveness.
'Black Project' reflects the wide range of influences shaping the musical socialisation of today’s musicians. Their stylistic ramifications do not seem unwieldy or even overwhelming, but they rather hit their listeners with volleys of the most colourful darkness and then release them into a feather-light change of heart.

For the recording sessions of the new Album 'Epic Wonderland', the 'Black Project' invited vocalists from the 4 x 4 Women's Choir at the University of Education Heidelberg to the studio for an additional sound range. While the singers' voices warmly embrace the band's sound sculptures and those dark thunderclouds produced by the guitarist pair Jörg Teichert and Jo Ambros move across the sound canopy, Johannes Stange rolls out delicate melodic threads on trumpet and various epic brass, sometimes with plump melancholy, sometimes powerfully fused into the black hole of a drone. On keys, Konrad Hinsken creates bizarre soundscapes ranging from tinkling bells to electronically clanging sounds. The complex sound structure is driven by double bass player Matthias Debus and drummer Christian Huber. The magnetic interaction between these two guarantees that the Black Project's music never ceases to radiate an infectious, danceable lust for movement, despite all that exchange of atmospheric subtlety, counter-punctuated melody and raw gloom.
That is the essence of the 'Black Project': refined sound constellations, elastic vitality and powerful interplay. An igniting spark.

(Stefan Hentz)